Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Victoria & Adam Outdoor Field Wedding | Pukekohe, Auckland

Victoria & Adam had an amazing outdoor ceremony planned in a farmers field near their home in Pukekohe, so I felt like the wedding grinch when I emailed Victoria the week of her wedding to let her know that a deadly cyclone was advertised to hit landfall the morning of her wedding.

10 Steps to ensuring a dry wedding during a catastrophic tropical cyclone:

#1 : Move your outdoor field wedding ceremony into your reception venue.  Push the reception tables aside in the local country hall to create an isle.

#2: Check the weather report.

#3:  Drive around the neighbourhood and find new(dry) locations for your photos, this can include a Panel Beating workshop,  and the overhang of the reception venue.

#4: Check weather report. Again.

#5: Email photographer, discuss weather report. Make speculations.

#6: Buy umbrellas for entire bridal party.

#7: Check weather report for 5th time that day. Try to ignore the multiple facebook status' about the severity of the cyclone.

#8:  Research rain wedding photos. Email photographer. Discuss rain photos.  

#9: Wake up to rain on the roof. Decide to have a great day with family and friends no matter what happens.

#10: Have the best day of your life, marrying your best friend, use umbrellas once, laugh about said "Cyclone".

Thanks Adam and Victoria for having me along to share in your slightly wet wedding day.  Your love for each other was inspiring and I may have even cried during your speech Adam. Although the room was very dusty, it could have been dust in my eyes. Definitely dust, not tears.

Thanks for Natalie from Natalie Morgan Photographer for helping as the second photographer on the day.