Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alex & Semi | Wedding - Kemeu Valley Estate, Auckland New Zealand

Thanks Alex & Semi and the Bridal party being amazing and making sure we all had a laugh on the day Kumeu Valley Estate Wedding. A big thanks to Rachel from Swift & Click for helping me out and being the second photographer on the day. You might see a few shots that are similar to some in the pre-wedding test/engagement session, that we had a few weeks before the wedding.

Kumeu Valley Estate Wedding
Bride getting makeup appliedBride getting ready, looking in mirror
Bride Shoes Black & White
Bridemaids Kumeu Valley Estate Wedding
Liz Harrex
Marriage Prayer
Bride and Groom in feild of Long Grass
Free Base Macro, Free Lensing

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alex & Semi | Engagement

Alex & Semi are getting married this coming weekend at the beautiful Kumeu Valley Estate and I'm really excited about photographing their big day. After meeting Alex & Semi to discuss how the wedding day would run, they shared how nervous they were about being photographed.  So we planned a casual engagement shoot and practice some poses at Auckland's Bastion Point. I have to say, I've never laughed so much at a session before. 
Thanks Alex & Semi, you two are hilarious !

This is the moment I asked Semi for a 'serious' face...it didn't last long.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Doors of Zanzibar | Travel

The winding streets of Stone Town on the Island of Zanzibar often lead to many lost tourists.  On the afternoon my wife and I began wandering through the streets, we were humoured by a German couple frantically trying to find their location on the map after being lost for nearly 3 hours. 

Having a chuckle we walked on deeper into the maze of buildings, a left here, a right there, stopping for photos often.  The doors were absolutely stunning. The immensity of the elaborate doors, surrounded by dull, muted architecture seemed out of place.

I later learned that the doors were a symbol of opulence and house owners would try and out-do their neighbours by building more and more exsquisite doors. The result is some 800+ unique hand carved wooden doors.

It was only as the light was fading that I realised that we too, like the fretting tourists earlier were well and truly lost.  After a few rounds of charades with some local store owners and following my nose to the scent of the fish market we came out near the ocean. Feeling a little shamed we had laughed at the lost couple earlier in the day.