Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Faces | 2012 Project

Faces is a personal project for 2012 aimed at challenging myself to take better and more frequent portraits of real everyday people. A mixture of candid and posed, close-up and environmental portraits. I continually challenge myself to endeavor to capture the essence of the person I am photographing.

I love that every face tells a story and each person is unique.  I begun in early 2012 photographing Dutch locals in Amsterdam, especially one of my favourite areas; the De Negen Straatjes or 9 Streets.  My method:  once I see a person who I think would be suitable for a portrait, I simply approach them and ask if I can take their portrait.  Usually they are surprised but reluctantly agree, however some people aren’t interested.  I have no solid rules for composition or the style of portrait, but try and capture a little about the person, or their environment.  I take only a few frames, some full length, and some close-up once the subject has warmed up to me and the camera, usually they are now laughing at my very basic dutch or lame jokes. 

I have enjoyed meeting and passing the photos onto the subjects, and I look forward to photographing people in over three continents as my wife and I travel around the world in 2012.

For more from this project see my Portfolio Site

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