Friday, July 19, 2013

Clare & Ronny | Wedding - Piha Cliffs, New Zealand

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Mr & Mrs Tedestedt.  However, unless your Swedish pronunciation is better than mine, you may want to say, Ronny & Clare. Ronny is originally from Sweden and Clare from New Zealand.  After a few years of winking and smiling, a long distance relationship, time together and time apart these two crazy love birds have settled in Auckland, New Zealand.  

As I began talking to Ronny & Clare about how I was going to photograph there day, it became apparent that it wasn't going to be any normal wedding.  Clare's dress was not white but gold-sequined, without no veil or train, but instead a large hooded capeThey had specifically asked to not have any normal wedding photos, to which nodded and smiled and began to gleefully discuss the crazy idea I had conceived for them. 

One of the things I tried really hard to do in these last images was to empress upon the viewer, how epic New Zealand is and how stunningly beautiful this country can be.  I knew that Ronny's Swedish family and friends would be seeing these images and wanted to show them what they are missing out on.

I personally love the rugged coastlines that surround New Zealand, and had a few months before, stumbled upon the most perfect spot to photograph a Bride and Groom.  All I required now was a couple brave enough to take the trek down the muddy track to the epic cliffs and 360 views of the West Coast.  It was clear to me that with Ronny & Clare, I had indeed found my adventurous couple that would be willing to stand on the edge of a cliff for an amazing photo.

A big thanks goes out to my partners in crime on the day J. Brandon for taking some of these shots, and my wife Jasmine for holding the umbrella and making the lunch.



squiggle1 said...

Wow you certainly achieved your aim & have some amazing shots. Craziness must be catching eh? I particularly like the second one with two photos combined as that looks awesome. Do hope Clare & Ronny were thrilled as they have some very unique snaps which they deserve after being so daring. Great work!

kenrickrhys said...


Clare & Ronny were indeed happy with there photos. I knew when I met them that they were the couple to stand on that cliff in the rain.

Thanks for your comment and for checking out the blog.