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Engaged...Win Free Wedding Photography

 The following competition is running for the month of August 2013 ONLY, so get in quick and enter for a chance to win an amazing prize.

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Leah Adlam  |  New Zealand  |  Entered 12:06am, 1st August
Justin and I have been together 5.5 years now. Last year we found out we were expecting our first baby and we agreed we would one day get married. So off to the shops we went, found a ring we liked but I was told I had to wait until he asked me before I was allowed to wear it, because going to the shop and starting to wear it, well, "that's not a very interesting engagement story!" 

Cue the waiting... Every weekend away was fraught with possibility, never realised. This continued on for a few months! Finally, in December, we went to Auckland to watch our favourite NZ band/ensemble Fly My Pretties play in A Day On The Green. For once, I had nothing in my mind about engagement, it was just a lovely relaxing evening out with my man before our wee baby arrived. Back to Hamilton that night, 11:45pm I was exhausted (7 months pregnant will do that!) And flopped into bed and promptly fell asleep. 

Unknown to me, Justin put the ring on my finger, expecting it to wake me up (it didn't). So he woke me up "did you hear that?" Immediately I thought someone was trying to break into our house so I went possum and froze. I didn't notice the ring so up he gets and leaves the room, turning the light on as he left to "check it out". I STILL didn't notice the sparkler, he had to walk back into the room, and said "what's that on your finger?" I let out a little shriek, said "how did that get there?!" And then Justin asked me to marry him :-) it was such an amazing evening, and the perfect end to the day!


Ashley Muller  |  Hamilton, New Zealand  | Entered 12:55am, 1st August
My Fianc√© and I have been together for a little over 6 years and we've really experienced quite a bit. The first month we started dating she left to come to New Zealand but came back to be with me so I knew for then that this is the girl I wanna marry! Then she was with me for 3 when she came to New Zealand for the second time and we were apart for 6 months but thankfully I was blessed with the opportunity to be with her in New Zealand.  

My first 6 months in New Zealand were amazing but Gaby fell sick and later we discover she was diagnosed with Cancer. For 6 months he battled like a trooper and thanks to Amazing doctors and The Good Lord she was told she is in remission and she has just been getting stronger an stronger.
So we have done life together for 6 years and on the 7th of July, I asked to marry with a puzzle that I had made and presented to her over lunch at the same restaurant we shared out first lunch in New Zealand in.


Tori Peel  |  Philip Island, Australia  |  Entered 5:02pm, 1st August
As autumn had passed & winter well & truly arrived, we had been blessed with a run of clear skies & crisp sunny days. June 23rd was particularly bright.
I agreed to join my partner Tom for a late mornings walk along the beach with our kelpie, Diz. Tom decided we should head to a more secluded part of the beach, the end that overlooked seal rocks & a little white church perched atop a grassy green hill. We had visited this beach a handful of times since we met almost 4 years ago, but never had I seen the sky so blue and the water sparkle so brilliantly.
Naturally, I was occupying myself trying to capture the days beauty through my camera lense. Diz was in beach mode, blissfully running around barking at us to throw his stick into the ocean. Needless to say, neither of us suspected what was about to take place.

I put my camera down for a moment to embrace Tom as he approached me. He held me at arms length & asked 'do you want to get married?' to which I casually replied, 'yeah, one day'. The next thing I knew Tom had a sparkling ring in his hand and an intense look in his eyes. 'Really!?' I squealed like a school girl as I threw my arms around him and a sneaky tear escaped from my eye.
A few minutes full of yeses, kisses, hugs, giggles and big goofy grins we came back to earth to notice diz was still barking at us, throwing his stick at our feet demanding we play, like nothing had happened. Although we knew from the early stages of our relationship that we would be growing old together, since Tom's proposal its confirmed the fact and made life together even more exciting.


Sarah & Anthony  |  Auckland, New Zealand  |  Entered 10:30am, August 2nd
 Our relationship…  Anthony and I got to know each other in the middle of Papua New Guinea – we were both part of a seven-strong team of New Zealanders helping out at a youth conference in Mt Hagen. The team could see sparks between us right from the beginning, although neither of us would admit it at the time! Back in New Zealand, we made sure our paths continued to cross and began a beautiful friendship. Time passed and Anthony started offering a few tentative romantic gestures – long hugs, taking me to the beach to watch the sunset together, writing a song to tell me ‘five minutes with you ain’t long enough’… And the rest is history!

 The proposal…  It's a long and beautiful story that involves a lot of romantic schemes! First I was invited over for an amazing cooked breakfast. Then, after friends happened to "pull out" of a trip out West, we went out by ourselves and ended up reliving our first official date together at Piha and having a picnic by Kitekite waterfall. Later on in the day, I was surprised by a special dinner at Orbit up the Skytower, and couldn't believe my eyes when I came home to a room full of balloons, flowers, red ribbons and hearts with lovely messages written on them… (I'm still trying to figure out how he got a key so my sister could set it all up!) He then told me ‘I love you’ for the first time, and offered me a stunning diamond ring on bended knee! Amidst many tears, I said YES!


Sarah Babbington  |  Auckland, New Zealand  |  Entered 3:15pm, August 4th
Tonga proposed in May this year. We we're going out for dinner as it was our "anniversary". When I got in the car, he blindfolded me and I wasn't allowed to take it off until I was standing inside our destination. When I removed my blindfold I was standing in the Langham and he told me we we're going to dinner at Eight (I couldn't believe he'd managed to trick me and pull this off.. hes not very good at keeping secrets). 

So we had an amazing dinner and nearing the end he went to the bathroom. He ALWAYS leaves me alone for ages to go (it must be a man thing). So there I am.. Waiting patiently.. Trying not to watch the clock when the manager comes over and tells me that Tonga has collapsed in the bathroom. She asked me to follow her and led me out of the restaurant and into a dark ballroom. I turned the corner and standing there was Tonga and his two best friends, a circle of candles and a chair in the middle. I burst into tears as I sat down and Tonga started to sing. He sang the most beautiful song (while trying not to cry) and then proposed! It was the best moment in my life so far! Later, he told me that we were staying the night and he led me up to our room which was decorated in petals, chocolate and champagne.. and he wasn't done yet! He had met up with my Dad secretly to ask his permission and filmed it.. That was the icing on the cake.. The most beautiful proposal I'd ever heard of. 


Alison & Ben  |  Perth, Australia  |  Entered 10:26 pm, 4th August
The path leading to our engagement was a bit of a roller-coaster ride. We already had our flights booked to go to Spain for my cousins wedding where Ben would get the chance to meet the majority of my extended family, which included my 92 year old grandmother. We thought it would be awesome for us to get engaged early enough for us not to steal the lime light from my cousin, but not too late in order to be able to celebrate with my family once in Spain.

We ended up designing the ring and ordering it with the jeweller three weeks before leaving (which we were told was plenty of time), only to get a phone call three days before our flight telling us that there were some complications and the ring will not be made in time. Dreams. Were. Shattered. However, they did tell us that they would be able to send the ring to us in Spain and it should arrive the week after we landed. So happy with the result, off we went. I ended up stalking the parcel with the tracking number I was given, therefore I was well aware when it became stuck in customs. After many phone calls and emails, we were told that we would have to wait another six days in order for the ring to be cleared through customs (wedding was in two days), so my aunty came to the rescue, pulled some Spanish strings and we got the ring at 10am Friday morning. Time to wedding: 24hrs

So now Ben had to do what not many people are capable to do: surprise me with an engagement ring which I already knew what it looked like, and I already knew he had it in his possession. Mission accomplished. He picked the most mundane outing (going to the drycleaners to pick up our wedding frocks), in 35+ weather, while I was making inappropriate jokes. Needless to say, the fact he managed to surprise me with many odds against him, was definitely a plus. Well done to you, Benjamin.   Lucky us, we got to celebrate with my whole family whom threw us a small Spanish style engagement party, and I got to show off my stunning ring at the wedding. Oh, and Ben is and will forever be the 'golden boy' in my family for choosing to propose while we were there so they could be a part of it- while minimal credit is given to me for planning 90% of it. You win some, you lose some.


Nick & Emma  |  Auckland, New Zealand  |  Entered 11:54am, 5th August
Nick and I fall in love travelling the globe - ironically we had both embarked on a single soul search, but before we knew it had become intertwined with matching luggage tags! We travelled for years together chasing surf, working on boats and finally on our way back home to NZ we got engaged on top of the Andes in Bolivia

The engagement was everything our relationship was, an adventure, simple but beautiful. We sat on top of that mountain that day and watched the sun disappear behind the clouds. Nick read me a speech in his shaky choked up voice off the back of a bet up post card and with that we locked lips and sealed the yes on our next adventure - marriage.


Hannah & Rob  |  Auckland, New Zealand  |  Entered 9:44am, 6th August
Robbs and I got engaged in the middle of the ocean – literally. 
Both keen sailors and passionate about the sea, we were embarking on a sailing journey across the Pacific Ocean following a summer sailing through the Caribbean. We were working on a race yacht for a big publicity campaign, with a crew of 10. I was woken during my off-watch for a “sail-change” – only to watch a new sail roll out with big blue duck-taped letters reading “Hana will you marry me”. Slightly groggy from sleep and trying to make sense of it all, I glanced around to see Robbs right behind me, and an anxious crew all waiting for a response.

After almost six years together – you would have thought I would have been more prepared for this moment. However I wasn’t, and utterly surprised and overwhelmed I gave him an excited nod and burst into tears.

So, on 14 April, 2013, a latitude of 6 degrees 00.703 North, and Longitude of 86 degrees 58.352 West, without a hint of land in sight, our engagement spot was marked on our chart by superb navigator James with the words “she said yes”.. My best friend and soul mate – he must have known I would say yes; after all, with a three-week journey ahead of us to reach Christmas Island, Kiribati, it would have been an awkward month if I’d said no, right?!  


Carly Redwood  |  Hamilton, New Zealand  |  Entered 3:30pm, 9th August
George and I met through friends early 2011, we always ended up at the same events sometimes without even realizing it...We soon became good friends.  Later that year when the rugby world cup was beginning, I used watching the games as an excuse to hang out (I don’t really like rugby that much) and by the time the final came around there was a well-established flame between the two of us and we decided to make a go of it. 

In Feb 2012 we found out that we were expecting our first child, there was a lot of anxious excitement. George took me on a romantic holiday to Phuket Thailand (our first and last before bubs arrived) in May and on our second to last night at sunset he took me down to the beautiful Karon Beach, got down on one knee, brought out a beautiful white gold engagement ring and asked me to be his wife and of course I said YES!! 

We were not planning on getting married for a little while yet (until our son is a bit older) but George’s mum was recently diagnosed with a debilitating disease (ALS) that can be very unpredictable and we very much want her to be a part of our wedding as she is a big part of our lives. So we have set the date for August the 2nd 2014. ~ Let the planning begin~


Ashleigh Davis  |  Auckland, New Zealand  |  Entered 11:01 am, 12th August 
I often travel by bus between Tauranga and Auckland, and on one of these occasions is where Scott and I first met. As usual, I was handing my luggage to the driver, when the most amazingly attractive man caught my eye. Being the smooth criminal that I am, I didn't pay him too much attention - so was very surprised/thrilled when out of all the seats on the bus (believe me, there were many available ;)) he chose to sit next to me.

After a few moments of silence, I offered him a magazine, and from that moment we didn't stop talking for the next four hours about our likes, our dislikes, our plans for the future, and how excited we both were to finish studying so that we could travel and pursue our careers. I don't know if it's a female thing, but even that first day I knew that we had a connection that was worth fighting for! Since then, we have grown in love and in self, and regardless of the thousands of kilometres of distance between us, or the three months apart (he works in the maritime industry), we are growing stronger by the day. I must say though, I'm very excited for his return in September!


Emma Ward  |  New Zealand  |  Entered 2:38 pm, 27th August
Pierre was a bouncer in town and I was just another patron on a night out. It was his baby face and flirtatious smile that caught my eye, as I started to talk to him ;) (you could almost say it was love at first sight) we exchanged numbers and caught up later that night. From there we started dating. Early into our relationship we discovered we were expecting.

Time went by, we had our baby, and Pierre had planned a boys night out with my Dad and Brothers back in April, they went out and I thought nothing of it. Little did I know that night he was asking my Dad for permission. Months went by and no question was being popped.

In July was my 21st. That night my parents did there speech, my eldest brother did a speech and Pierre did a speech, a very brief not much effort speech. All day I had been hoping he would pop the question and when it didn't happen during the day I was hoping it was going to happen during his speech. But no, I was gutted.

When the speeches were done Mum told me to go look at my cake...  So I went up and I was looking, I was really looking for a diamond ring, but still nothing. Then Mum told me to lift up the top layer of my cake, so I did, and under that first layer was a piece of card with "Will you marry me" on it, as I turned around Pierre was down on one knee with a ring. Of course I said yes, we hugged, we kissed, all my guests came in with their cameras like paparazzi and took pictures.  It was definitely sweet and one of the happiest times in my life.


Sean and Caitlin  |  Blenheim, New Zealand  |  Entered 5:00 pm, 30th August
He proposed on the 31st of December 2012, We were spending New Years with Sean’s parents in Golden Bay NZ. The morning was like no other got up had breakfast and was preparing for a relaxing day in the sun gearing up for a good night. He asked if I was keen to go for a walk, I wasn't so keen as I wanted to relax (I knew it would be a big night for new years eve).

After an hour of everyone trying to convince me to go for a walk I agreed but insisted I was only wearing jandles on our walk. We had to drive to the beach where we were going to walk up the look out (Tata Beach Lookout). We arrived at the beach and parked the car and set off for our walk up to the lookout. When we arrived at the top, Sean said he must of had a rock in his shoe (this was the rings hiding spot) he pretended to throw the rock away and then told me to look out at the waves…


As I was looking out to the sea I could hear rustling and turned around and caught him unwrapping a little zip lock bag his mother had put the ring in. He got down on one knee and ask me to marry him <3 Of course I said yes!! When we arrived back home to his parents house I was sooo excited to tell everyone, I was surprised by having our friends and family there waiting for us with champagne at 11am!! Best proposal ever! The best New Years ever!!

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Emma said...

Nick and I fall in love travelling the globe - ironically we had both embarked on a single soul search, but before we knew it had become intertwined with matching luggage tags! We traveled for years together chasing surf, working on boats and finally on our way back home to NZ we got engaged on top of the Andes in Bolivia. The engagement was everything our relationship was, an adventure, simple but beautiful. We sat on top of that mountain that day and watched the sun disappear behind the clouds. Nick read me a speech in his shaky choked up voice off the back of a bet up post card and with that we locked lips and sealed the yes on our next adventure - marriage.

kenrickrhys said...

Hi Emma, thanks so much for your entry. Can you do me a favor and email your entry plus a photo of the two of you to then I can enter you into the competition. Thanks Kenrick Rhys