Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sarah & Anthony - Auckland Wedding Location Scouting

Sarah and Anthony are set to be married this weekend, and I can't wait to photograph their day.

Most couples choose to have an engagement photo session with me, these two hour sessions are a great opportunity to get in front of the camera in a relaxed environment and have photos taken at a very exciting time of your life.

Another option is to use this time to meet and do some location scouting, searching out great spots ahead of time to ensure your wedding photos are the best they can possibly be.  Sarah and Anthony had done some research around the city, and so we met and had a nice (muggy) afternoon checking out our options.

And of course I had my camera there, and took a few photos too.

If you havn't seen the wedding photos check them out here... 


Tui said...

Oh, that first photo sitting on the wharf is so... crisp! How do you do that? :)

kenrickrhys said...

Hi Tui,

Its something I've been trying for a few months now. Finally nailed it on this shoot. Its a technique called the Brenizer Method.

First pioneered by Ryan Brenizer.

This image is made from 35 images stitched together in Photoshop to give you a very narrow depth of field.

mark lawrence said...

Superb photos! This Auckland Wedding Location is also amazing. I loved having a look at these fun pictures. We will also be marrying soon at one of local Chicago wedding venues but for our pre wedding shoot we would be travelling to Bali. So excited!